• When your shorty back: the cat!

The downside of many shorties is that they cover a strand of our buttocks contrary to what one would think. And when it goes, it looks like a completely different underwear …

  • When you need to change your entire set because the bottom is matched in the laundry basket.

(Linen you still have not had time to go to the machine …). No, you can not undress in front of your new date tonight: you have not been able to put anything other than a padded bra with a blue slip in yellow and green lace. Hello harmony!

  • When you try to predict your underwear for a trip without choice.

You do not take “only” 23 bra sets / down, because you can not take it anymore: it does not fit in your suitcase. Thong, thong, bra, girdle, panties, panties, boxers, basque … You can take an extra baggage?

  • When your favorite pants are worn, and you need to do with closet fund.

Despair. Your sexy underwear falling apart and are quite relaxed. Goodbye little worn panties. You will remain forever with good old shorty tall.

  • When your panties gets stuck between your buttocks.

Why we women we live in a daily reality which confronts us with the same problem with almost all our lingerie? Too many women are wasting their time daily to reverse this tendency to see their panties slip between their buttocks. Can we develop better ergonomics underwear? It seems to be a beautiful reflection to support the fairer sex!

  • When your favorite underwear become those of your rules.

black day. Yet you have downloaded an application to deal with this problem but it has abandoned you. Now your favorite below look like a crime scene.

  • When your new underwear politely ask you to wash ONLY hand.

You never wash anything by hand: low delicates! Let us guess, you must also buy a special drying rack for your precious jewelry sensitive fibers? Haha … No!

  • When you try to wash your hands with underwear yet they are never clean.

There are still tasks strange or suspicious odors. So you always end up ironing machine. Which negates the basic efforts and all your good original intention.

  • When the elastic of the pants makes the soul.

Your yawns panties on hips, adopting an almost sad and disappointed. But you keep this look scruffy after all, for lack of better in your closet. Highly balances!

  • When looking for a bra that would be the bottom.

This means you have to find the same color. Let’s be honest, you’re never going to find the right pair, since you need to be on the doorstep in less than 5 minutes flat. You’ll enter you can get your hands on, that’s all (and it will be fine).

  • When you accidentally a small hole in the lace.

This little hole invisible and harmless from inevitably grows in a very big ugly hole.

  • When you do not have any clean underwear.

Your heart balance: stay up late to make a machine or go buy a new one. A dilemma at all times.

  • When you try to make your sexy lingerie removing it to your man.

You say, “Cool, it’ll make a great naked! “. The realization of striptease often announces more perilous than planned.

  • When you see that, anyway, the sets of underwear are worthy of the name to hundreds of euros.

Why? This is the smallest piece of cloth that covers your body! The socks are not at that price, and there is yet more material above. Who runs the empire underwear and leads us by the nose with an iron fist? Good citizens as we are, we could rebelling!